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Laser Pointer Putting Line Corrector

$19.97 $49.97


Do You Struggle with 3 puts?  Time to take your putting game to a new level with Everything Outdoor HQ's laser putting training aid.

This laser will help you to learn to align your puts better.

Even the pro's use tools like this to improve there game so why shouldn't you?

Save $50 or more compared to similar devices!

If your struggling to break 90, 80 or even 70 shaving a few strokes a round on the putting green will help get you there.

 Works great for both right and left handed golfers.

  • Gives a laser guide point during your putt to check your putting plane
  • Attach to all model golf putters in seconds.
  • Fine tuned laser technology which always remains straight.
  • This product needs two 1.5V button batteries. (Batteries are NOT included)