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Multi-Functional Survival Watch

$29.77 $48.95


Hugely Multifuctional Watch with all this included: flint fire starter, paracord, scraper, watch, compass, thermometer, alcohol pad, whistle, dried tinder, safety pins, fishing line, fishing hooks, swivels, weights, floats. Made from 330lb Grade Nylon Paracord, good for tying up shelter in an emergency, making snares, knots. Create a spark using the flint and scraper located on the ends of the paracord survival bracelet. Always know where you are going with the compass, and use the emergency whistle to call for help when there is no cell phone signal. Hunt for food using the fishing hooks and use the paracord to set up temporary shelter or make a rappelling cord. Carries all the vitals of what you need in an emergency situation.